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Mega-Hyphy NOTORIOUS White/Black/GOLD/MagicPurple 48"x 36" Over sized painting includes FREE SOUND ACTIVATED Laser Projector!

$ 999.99
  You've seen it on tour at a festival near you at the Hyphy Booth.  Now you can own your very own Mega-Hyphy.   Acrylic painted on Birchwood, 48"x 36".  Black and Gold on White.  Magic UV Purple Appears only under black light! Includes a FREE Sound Activated black light laser PROJECTOR...

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Certifed Hyphy.

Hyphy Color provides high quality lazer glow apparel and more!  That's what it means to be Certified Hyphy.  A leader in fresh fashion that is also the coolest Glow Toy Ever! Draw with a UV laser to make yourself glow!! The trails fade in minutes!!  We offer glow in the dark apparel, body paint, hairspray, custom screen printing, wholesale/dropshipping and can also be hired for body painting events.  You know you want to glow!!  Certified Hyphy.