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Mega-Hyphy 44"x 28" Over sized painting INCLUDES FREE UV LASER PROJECTOR!! Customize your very own!! Special introductory price!!

$ 999.99


You've seen it on tour at a festival near you at the Hyphy Booth.  Now you can own your very own Mega-Hyphy.  

Acrylic painted on wood, 44"x 28". Custom made to order in about 2-3 weeks.  Includes a FREE black light laser PROJECTOR as seen in the demo video.  Light up your painting at home for hours and hours of mesmerizing fun!  Looks amazing in the daylight, under a regular black light, drawing with a laser pointer, just glowing in the dark and of course with the laser projector set up on it!!  

Black Light Laser PROJECTOR regularly sold for $199 on

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